Executive Director

Yee Zheng Yip is the director of Zids Design Sdn. Bhd. He graduated with Diploma in Interior Design at Equator Academy of Art and Diploma in Business School, Singapore. Yee always shows his warmly and friendly service to house owners, he also strong at recommending alternative solution to house owners for options. To him, design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in real life, because good design must primarily serve people.


Chief Executive Officer

Maylene has been in the interior design industry for more than 10 years. She specialize in modern contemporary and modern luxury residential design. She is our most pragmatic consultant and is always up to date with the latest trend in the interior design industry. With a smile on her face and her “Customer First” attitude, she will end up becoming friends with most of our clients.


Chief Interior Designer

Wyman has been in this industry for 8 years with experience in both residential and commercial projects. Prior to this he was a drafter/ research and development designer and this nurtured him to have a flair for details in design, colors and material. Wyman firmly believes that solving a client’s problem and superior customer service should be key priority rather than putting a price tag to judge a designer’s worth. He has received many positive testimonials describing him as a service-oriented designer with great attentiveness to details.


Senior Interior Designer

More than 8 year’s experiences in the interior design industry, Selson has a special eye for beauty & details especially for creative modern and contemporary designs. Selson has a difference angle and niche to create and conceptualize many projects that exceeded client’s expectation while maintaining their budget. Knowing that every customer has a unique taste for design, our role is to come out with creative artistic concept with fast & prompt customer service to every client.


Senior Interior Designer

Dennis, Senior Interior Designer of Zids Design Sdn. Bhd., graduated from Equator College. He was a gamer and anime fans and he also brings cool modern and futuristic design idea which came from games concept for his clients. He likes to get ideas from his clients to renew, it so can increase the relationship between designers and clients. Knowing the client needs, it will helps to improve the design ideas. He also very sharp in details for design with every precision and high expectation in his work. In addition. Dennis provide cost effective solution to all home owners in planning budgeting for renovation. As a responsible individual, he responsibly ensures smooth coordination and is kept updated for all site operations.


Senior Interior Designer

Yeow have more than 5 year’s experiences in both residential and commercial projects, he graduated with Diploma in interior design. With his patience and good coordination in assuring prompt handover to house owners. Yeow is very precise with all the design detailing, to him the details can make good design for people. He usually will provide the alternative solution for house owners to solve the problems. Yeow always ensures kept updated and smooth coordination for all site operations.


Senior Interior Designer

Celene Lee is Senior Interior Designer of Zids Design Sdn. Bhd. She graduated with Diploma in Interior Design. As a customer oriented interior designer, she can always understand what house owners want and implement the project plan attentively. Celene is a designer who emphasizing details for all the design element. From design sketches to reality outcomes, she will ensure smooth coordination and high expectation of the delicateness design. Therefore, house owners can be assure with peace of mind throughout the renovation process.


Senior Interior Designer

Graduated with Diploma in interior design. Jason has integrate what he has learn from college with extensive self-research and studies of what is current trend of design. He is a research and development designer who will have a lot of creative ideas that wish to create anything out of the box. Also, he will always investigate a lot of new custom made furniture with a fresh new design that fulfill with the ergonomic theory and he will always shows his passion to explain the design and theory in details with house owners.


Interior Designer

Beyone’s graduated with Diploma in Interior Design. His creative ideas provide peace of mind to house owners who wish to create anything out of the box. He specialized in modern and industrial design. Beyone always patience and knows what house owners wants. He usually surprise house owners with some creative ideas of his own aesthetic design. House owners always been satisfied with what he proposed.


Interior Designer

Eunice graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design. She has 2 years of experience in interior design industry. She has been constantly innovating and using her creative brains to create more space within a constraint area. Professional in designing, Eunice’s philosophy is to ensure that every design created does not affect the house owner daily habits. Expert in research to find out the latest trends in interior design and make the house owners feel her idea fresh and engaging.